Tactical Services

The BLK-SOM Technical Services division of the Company has a two pronged approached offering  both IT based technology solutions as well as technical field services. 

The IT based sector offer security solutions such as alarm systems, tracking and monitoring devices  as well as CCTV and general security equipment.
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  • Tactical

    Tactical services include 24 hour mobile response teams activated through a central control room, disaster management planning, security escorts and private security details for corporate and diplomatic personnel as well as risk advisors - local, regional and internationally trained and experienced.

  • Man Guarding

    BLK-SOM offers armed and unarmed man guarding (static and foot patrol guards) to a diverse range of Clients from corporates, diplomatic missions to retail and commercial industries wit. Prior to the deployment of services all sites undergo site security and safety assessments assuring the best possible solutions are created.

Training Services:

The BLK-SOM plans to open a training center fully equipped to offer a range of specialized training  programs and short courses, which can be adapted to individual organizational needs such as;

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Control Room Training
  • Responding to emergencies
  • H.E.A.T. (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)
  • Self-defense and personal safety
  • Interacting and dealing with customers
  • Waterborne security solutions
  • Finding the correct specialist in JV capacity building programs
  • Other
BLK-SOM regularly offers self-defense and personal training to small groups from external institutions and organizations. 

All security personnel are required to undergo training prior to deployment as well as on-site and client specific training. Annual refresher courses ensure that BLK-SOM personnel are up to date with changes in the industry as well as maintaining fitness requirements. Training programs are modular based and cater for training of different levels of personnel from basic guard training to supervisory, field officers and specialist training requirements. 

Successful candidates are issued with certificates and become valuable members of the team. Regular reviews of competency levels are undertaken and refresher training supplemented where necessary. 

BLK-SOM strives to lift the level of professionalism within our organization and the security industry 
through continuous growth and development.
Management & Outsourced Services (FM):

Management and outsourced services allow organizations the ability to focus on core business  and growth while ensuring day-to-day operations continue seamlessly. 

BLK-SOM with a large pool of resources and the necessary framework has the ability to provide  Facility Management and Outsourced Services in a range of areas. These services are based on Client requirements.